08003 238 Dialing Code

UK telephone numbers with dialing codes that start with 080 are freephone numbers.

Freephone numbers are allocated in blocks to particular providers and the remaining digits of the dialing code indicate which particular provider this block of numbers were originally allocated to. In this case, the full dialing code 08003 238 indicates that the number was originally allocated to ICUK Computing Services Limited on 2 November 2022. Note that due to number portability, it is not possible to say which provider a specific telephone number is currently allocated to as they may have been transferred by the user.

08003 238 dialing code information

Number type: Freephone
Dialing Code: 08003 238
Provider: ICUK Computing Services Limited
Date range allocated: 2 November 2022
Number format: 0800 323 8###
International number format: +44 800 323 8###