Guide to UK phone numbers

Introduction to UK Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom are arranged into 6 high level groups, which indicate the type of number and possible costs. You can identify the type of number by looking at the first 2 digits (including the leading zero).

01 and 02 - Geographic Landlines

These are the normal home and business telephone numbers and are arranged geographically with each area code belonging to a particular location.

03 - Non-geographic Landlines

'03' numbers are often used by large companies and public bodies to provide a nationwide number. '03' numbers cost no more to call than '01' and '02' numbers, but are not linked to a particular location.

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05 - VoIP and Corporate Numbers

'05' numbers are rarely used, but are available for VoIP phone services and large organisations that need blocks of numbers for primarily internal purposes.

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07 - Mobile and Personal Numbering

The majority of '07' numbers are usd for mobile phones and pagers throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Numbers beginning '070' are 'personal redirect numbers' and provide flexibility to people who need to forward calls to different locations. Care should be taken with these numbers as there is no guarantee that the person using the number is actually in the UK and they are regularly abused by oversees criminals to give the appearance of being in the UK.

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08 - Service Numbers

Numbers starting with '08' are used by businesses and are charged at special rates.

'0800' and '0808' numbers are freephone numbers and are free to call, while numbers starting with '084' and '087' have a surcharge of 13p per minute or per call, to pay for the service being provided.

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09 - Premium Rate Service Numbers

Numbers starting with '09' are higher-cost 'Premium Rate' numbers, which include a surcharge of up to £3.60 per minute or £6.00 per call. Premium rate service numbers are often used for competitions, dating services and adult entertainment.

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Currently numbers starting with '04' and '06' are not in use and these ranges are reserved for future expansion as required. Finally, numbers starting '00' are not available as '00' is the prefix for outgoing international calls from the UK.