01477 778 Dialing Code

Holmes Chapel

Dialing Code 01477 778 is part of Area Code 01477, which covers Holmes Chapel and the surrounding area.

The majority of numbers in the 01477 Area Code belong to normal landlines in Holmes Chapel, but it is possible that these numbers are being used elsewhere as virtual numbers.

There are multiple telephone companies operating in the 01477 Area Code and they are allocated blocks of numbers, which can be identified by the digits following the Area Code. In this case, the digits 778 after the area code indicate that the range of numbers was originally allocated to KCOM Group Ltd on 8 September 2022, although due to number portability, individual numbers within this range may now be allocated to other operators.

01477 area code information

Area Code: 01477
Location: Holmes Chapel
Dialing Code: 01477 778
Provider: KCOM Group Ltd
Date range allocated: 8 September 2022
Call Costs: Normal landline rate
Area code required for local calls: No
Local number length: 6
Number format: 01477 778###
International number format: +44 1477 778###
Last code change: April 1995 from 0477.