UK Area Codes

Welcome to, a full guide to the UK telephone network, with comprehensive information on Area Codes and Dialing Codes including provider details for all types of numbers including mobile, special service and premium rate numbers.

Introduction to UK dialing codes

The need for telephone numbers has increased dramatically over the last 30 or 40 years, with the introduction of fax machines, smartphones, businesses wanting direct dialing numbers for all staff. Gone are the days of families having a single landline home phone number, now everyone in the family has their own mobile phones.

This increased usage of telephones of various types, together with the opening of the telecommunications market in 1984 from the single monopoly operator (British Telecom) to multiple operators has resulted in the format of the UK's telephone numbers going through numerous changes since 1990.

What this site provides

We'll start with what this site doesn't provide, we don't have information on the users of individual phone numbers. What the site does provide is details of which locations geographic specific numbers are linked to, which provider blocks of numbers are allocated to and the date they were allocated and the type of service (freephone, premium rate etc).

UK Area Codes Information provides a complete guide to telephone numbers in the UK, including geographical area codes, provider specific allocation blocks for geographic numbers and dialing codes for mobile and special service numbers.

How to use

To view details of a specific area or dialing code, enter the area code (or prefix for non-geographic numbers) in the search box at the top of each page. If you are not sure of the code, you can enter the entire phone number (or as much of it as you feel comfortable entering, we need at most the first 9 digits (including the leading 0) to be able to identify the correct code) and we will identify the code.

Alternatively, you can browse a full list of all UK telephone area codes as well as information on non-geographic prefixes, mobile numbers and special services and premium numbers.

We also have a handy guide that provides an overview of the different types of phone numbers used in the UK and how to identify them.